Research Interests

Signal and data processing, information theory, and their applications to neuroengineering with focus areas in (i) understanding neuronal circuits connectivity and the impact of learning on connectivity (ii) developing minimally invasive and non-invasive real-time closed-loop stimulation of neuronal systems to mitigate disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson, depression, and obesity, (iii) developing a patient-specific multi-site wireless monitoring and pacing system with temporal and spatial precision to restore the healthy function of a diseased heart.

Current Research Projects

2019-2023: NIH (R01): Leadless wirelessly powered pacemaker for multi-chamber pacing using miniaturized pacing and sensing node (PI Mehdi Razavi, THI BCM)

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Student: Anton Banta

2018-2021: NIH (NINDS): Large scale recording of population activity during social cognition in freely moving non-human primates (PI Valentin Dragoi, UTHSC)

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Student: Sudha Yellapantula

2018-2021: NSF (SCH): INT — Collaborative Research: Patient Specific Multi-site Pacing of Diseased Human Hearts (co-PI Mehdi Razavi, THI BCM and Yingyan Lin, Rice University)

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Student: Romain Cosentino

2018-2021: McNair Foundation: Novel Non-Invasive Neuro-stimulation Treatments for Neuropsychiatric Disorders (PI Wayne Goodman at Baylor College of Medicine)

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Students: Fatima Ahsan & Boqiang Fan

2018-2021: CISCO Research Center: A Machine Learning Pipeline for Cross-Layer Optimization in 802.11ax Networks

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Student: Shi Su

2017-2021: Dan L. Duncan Foundation: Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroengineering (co-PIs Jacob Robinson and Caleb Kemere at Rice University)

  • Aazhang Group Graduate Students: Negar Erfanian, Dorsa E. P. Moghadam & Joe Young

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